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Something that was rather Pimp, but then was damaged or distroyed losing it's spiffyness or the fact that it is no longer pimped or tricked out....
My sis de-pimped my ride! in otherwords she crashed my car.
by Abhorsen January 06, 2006
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To have all the cool taken from you by another person, either through their action, or your inaction, or your poor performance.
Tammy depimped Joe by slapping him in the face at Pizza Hut during the lunchtime rush.
by vernski7515 July 27, 2011
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1.To lose one's bitches 2. Lose your so called "pimpness"
Brian B. lost all his women, he's officially just been depimped!
by 1425879 July 09, 2005
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