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A girl who is black and crazy most of the time and is very cool and makes friends easily who loves very much
De'Ari is a beauty
by cdhilkreks, May 14, 2018
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A tall (usually black) man with pretty sweet looking fro. He gets all the cutie females & occasionaly males on the downlow. Usually used to refer downlow gay or bi males.
I heard that foo is DeAris
by GrouchySD July 26, 2011
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Often is hilarious, can make pretty much anybody laugh with his savage attitude. Or even just the amount of immaturity he has. He's caring, even though he might not show it. He's handsome. Has the most amazing smile, can brighten up anyone's day. Appears to be a black male with a girly name. Or even acts white. Usually doesn't take things seriously as one should. Likes to have fun with friends and family. Adores his siblings so much! Loves video games! Basketball! And food! Doesn't really fall for anyone too easily. Maybe he is afraid of getting broken hearted or just even the feeling of trying to find the right one. Maybe the one is right in front of him. Or the one that's been on him about everything and just wants him to be happy. He wants her to be happy too. May get a little bored with people, but they don't get bored with him. May often times, be awkward. Running out of ideas to take about or to do. But is very lovable and most importantly trustworthy. And everyone will always love him for it.
De'ari is a savage for internity.
by faggotsavage April 22, 2017
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