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Daylana is a girl that you never wanna lose. She's the prettiest girl in the whole world and she's the best thing that will ever happen in your life. She's the smartest person you know and the most beautiful girl you know also. You can talk to her about anything you want too. She has long beautiful hair and amazing curves. She's also the nicest person ever and she loves to make friends and she cares about you so much and you never wanna lose her or stop talking to her. You could talk to her for days at a time and never get tried. Shes the person in your life that makes everything amazing and you just wanna be with her for the rest of your life till you die.
Daylana is the best girl ever, she's so pretty and soooo nice and I wanna stay with her my whole life and get married to her :)
by Best guy March 31, 2017
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