Take the premise of the movie Ground Hog Day and combine it with the action of FOX's 24 and there you have it! The Best damn idea for a new show ABC has had since Lost. Day Break is a season long TV serial that tells the story of a cop who has been framed for murder and must solve the case while reliving the same day over and over again. (Obvious rip-off of the movie Ground Hog Day, but a great idea none the less). Stars Taye Diggs (a Negro in the lead role -- who'd of thunk it!), and some hot babe named Moon Bloodgood as his girlfriend, that he gets to bang over, and over, and over again. Which is about the only good thing that happens to him during his never-ending day.
Day Break is a much better show than that bullshit Desperate Housewives.
by HuskyMiller December 21, 2006
When an office worker turns on their computer for the day then walks away for over two hours. Thus, looking like you are at work while sleeping in a basement room.
Joan: I haven’t seen Dan yet this morning but his computer has been on. Is he here?

George: He got wasted last night. He is probably on a day break. We won’t see him until this afternoon.
by Stinky MacBurr June 23, 2009
When you go to the toilet in the morning and while wiping your butt the toilet paper rps and you get poo on your fingers.
I had a day break this morning.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
When two lovers break up on or just before Valentine's Day. Usually over money, sexual frustrations, or because they don't feel they actually love one another enough to be valentine's day(Love holiday) worthy. Pure stupidity, ladies and gentlemen! Also a leading cause for higher suicide rates around the world at this time of year. Attention Valentine's Day Break-ups are the moves of all things filthy cold and heartless, these kind of people will die alone one day.
Valentine's Day Break-up example 1:
"How was your Valentines Day?"

"John broke up with me."

"What a loser. I'm sorry your sad. You will find someone."

Valentine's Day Break-up example 2:

5 days before V-Day.
"Hey Kate! We Should get together for Valentines Day."
"Sorry Justin, I can't do this anymore, I want to be alone."

"You waited until now to tell me this! WHY?"
by BLOodyValenTINE666 February 12, 2010
the sun is red, come out and see the sun. the surface is safe and everything is now beautiful
Guy 1: hey why is the sun red
Guy 2: oh it's SCP-001 "When Day Breaks"
by romansuperdestroyer February 11, 2021
on august 25 prisons are forced to allow all of the prisoners out or else sonic will hunt them down.
virgin police officer: did you hear its national jail break day?
virgin police officer #2: yeah, time to let out these prisoners
chad prisoner: im going to fuck your mom
by anounymous source heheeh August 25, 2021
on august 25 at exactly 1:56 pm the police officers of all prisons must let their prisoners out or their moms will disapear.
virgin police officer #1: did you hear its national jail break day
virgin police officer #2: yeah i did, time to let the prisoners out
chad prisoner: im going to find your mom
by anounymous source heheeh August 25, 2021