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Dax⋅i⋅us – noun

1. A person whose conduct or activity is playful and incites both mischief and joy.

2. Daxius' are often tall, though sometimes short, and have the heart of a giant, but the humility of a midget.

3. One who is a contagious, perpetual optimist.

4. A sexy, loveable man who is both a ladies' man and a man's man. Daxius' often find themselves pursued tirelessly by both sexes.

5. A bad influence who you thank later for a great time.
1. "I can't believe Daxius got us to go bowling naked!"

2. "I was having such a crap day, then Daxius came by with his arms all full of balloons for me!"

4. "You'd do Daxius, too? God that man is hot. (swoon)"

5. "And then I found myself all cuddled up, in costume, on Halloween night, the only drunk girl in a pile of half naked gay boys. Best night ever."
by Miss Trixie February 03, 2010
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