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If you ever meet him, he'll be shy at first but then come out to be someone who you fall in love with. He won't see that he's amazing, even if you tell him how perfect he is in your eyes. Gives the best hugs ever. He's someone who you wont want to go a day without seeing. If you kiss him, you'll never want to stop. He'll make you feel like you dont need anyone else. You'll feel like you dont want anyone else. You want him in your life forever. He'll drink a peanut butter cup milkshake, then poke you with the straw. You'll need him in the butt. He'll stay at your house to help you paint rainbows on your ceiling. One of the smartest people you'll ever meet. Incredibly handsome. You will never think about leaving his side because you love him with all your heart. You wont be asking much but you'll want to ask him for just one chance.

I love you, hun <3
Friend- Hey, did DavidByrd ask you out yet?
You- No, but I still love him anyway
by Tiggertot November 29, 2011
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