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A gay youtube celebrity who uploads on a variety of gay topics, particularly gay sex, sometimes for comedy.

He touts himself as an introspective individual and some sort of new age/fitness guru who encourages people, particularly gay men, to love themselves for who they are. People usually either sees him as a great inspiration or a major hypocrite for exacerbating gay stereotypes, coming off as excessively vain/shallow, or giving bad advice.

Since his videos always involve him wearing no shirt/just underwear, most people (girls and gay guys) watch him for fap material. It's best to mute his annoying voice and enjoy watching him flaunt his body.
Person 1: Did you see Davey Wavey's new vlog on youtube? It was so motivational!

Person 2: Honestly, I have no clue what he said. I was too busy fapping to his pecs and hard nipples.
by Cara_Carabowditbowdit October 15, 2012
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