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This is some that is jealous of you and the things you have.

"hey i heard that john got a new xbox" "i dont care" "stop being a such Darth hater"

this person can also be considered to be on the dark side of the haterade
by Liltay99 April 20, 2009
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Someone who is obsessively jealous, envious and full of jealous hatred of another. The master of hater nation or jealousy.
EX:I am so glad that you weren't chosen for that TV show because I think you should keep your life the same."

The person who said this was jealous, gloating and projecting her own fear of success and insecurity onto me in the guise of concern. This person is a Darth Hater.
by Thouston299 September 13, 2008
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A very malicious person which Hates all!, they are a special breed, usually from incest in the backwoods of some old hick town, They are Hater's Because of everything they've been picked on for and are thus fore mad against the world, they have only eaten a few brands of food and drink and doesnt know of anything outside their city, Their dreams are to inbreed with their sisters or brothers to spawn more haters into the world, But they can be turned to the Light side
Guy: Damn y'all pee pull with two socks on and gloves with all dem the Fing's still on ehm!

Guy2: Damn that guys an Asshole hes a friggin Darth Hater
by Stigz May 24, 2005
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