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A Burning Man attendee who displays their stupidity by lying down on the Playa at night without blinkies or glow sticks to warn art cars and bicycles of their presence.

See also: speed bump.
Burner 1: "Captain Oops was taken to a med tent last night! He was run over by an octopus out on the Playa!"

Burner 2: "Did he have any blinkies on?"

Burner 1: "No."

Burner 2: "What a darktard."
by Pornj Julius April 12, 2011
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A person who is on MDMA or ecstasy who is at a rave with a lot of rolling people, who does not participate in the dancing or playing with glowsticks, LEDs, etc.
Hey where is Angie? I wanna rave with her!

Probably laying down somewhere, being a freakin' darktard.
by tickawowow April 03, 2011
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