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Darkiplier, known to be Markiplier's evil alter ego. Darkiplier is a cruel evil person when he needs to and he doesn't care for anyone else but himself. There can be times where Dark feels guilty of his actions, but he never shows it. He thinks he can outsmart Mark with his evil ways, but just never seems to succeed.
Darkiplier is Markiplier's rather to be evil alter ego.
Random anxious person: "Is Dark rather to be nearby..?"
Mark: "Not for another 10 minutes or so... he'll soon come and take over again, but not to worry."
Random anxious person: "Lord, please keep me safe, for I may never see light again."
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by Kaammo May 29, 2018
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Markipliers evil side a demon look alike of markiplier that is in love with him and that is an a Elmo vampire that makes mark think of evil things and makes him act different and that makes u shiver when u see him in your dreams
by Markiplierfangirl October 07, 2015
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