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A phrase to describe mostly teenagers, usually females around the ages of 14-19 who use Tumblr or Instagram to post or reblog pale photos of mainly white or black features. The photos usually get cycled all over the place, so chances are, if you see a photo with the hashtag 'darkpale', you'll be bound to see it again.

Tumblr or Instagram users who base their blog of account theme on dark pale photos close to never use their own photos because they tend to just screenshot the beautiful and (internet) famous women on Tumblr, so they can upload it for their own account. Another reason it's rare to see original photos by them themselves is because usually this is just a phase, and "Mommy and Daddy won't buy me black Adidas, black Nikes, chokers..." and the list goes on with reasons why they can't take photos themselves.

Dark pale photos usually consist of Adidas, Nikes, Calvin Klein underwear, potted mini plants, Arctic Monkeys, and chokers.

Examples of the main 'idols' on Instagram:

Other names for this are: grunge, soft grunge, or pale dark.
I was at the shops the other day, and I bought a black minimalistic/simplistic clothing with Nike so I can be dark pale!
by 1UCIUS December 16, 2014
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