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a bitch-ass lesbian whore who thinks shes better than everyone else. a gossip girl. fucks girls 2 years older than her. violent. should go kill herself. yup. i said it. deal with it
o my god! shes eyeballing that girl, she's so a dariyn
by my name is autumn marvin August 14, 2016
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Dariyn is usually a sexy beautiful woman who is always down to party. Dariyn’s usually have brown hair and brown eyes, and don’t wear much makeup. Naturally beautiful, all the guys love her. Dariyn’s are good in bed and every one who sleeps with her will fall in love! Dariyn’s are intelligent and kind people.
I put my cock in Dariyn and now I am in love
by Fuckasdfghjklfuck May 28, 2018
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