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The most beautiful, amazing chick you will EVER meet. She is the Queen of Angels. Her personality is truly her own. She alone will be the best thing in your life. Beware because she can also break your heart but in the end it will be worth it because she is truly a very special person.
"She is a Goddess!!"
"Of course she is, that's Daritza!"
by The Misunderstood Beast February 26, 2012
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A unique human being who will stand out the first momet you see her. She isn't just beautiful in the outside but also the inside. She's the nicest person you will ever meet but when it comes to protecting the people who she loves she's the meanest person you will also meet. She's 100% loyal, she doesn't judge no one for how they look nor how they act. If you ever do her wrong she does not give second chances, she will forgive and start new but things will never end up like how they used to be. She thinks about eveyone else first and then herself. She always worries about trying to help everyone happy and you will never see her sad.
Daniel: Wow, she's so beautiful, I would love to tap that.
Sergio: Eyy, don't talk like that about Daritza, she's not someone you would want to fool around with.
Daniel: And why's that?
Sergio: Because once you get to know her, you will fall in love.
by Soccer.lover010011 June 23, 2018
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