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When a Nazi makes love with a Russian.
One day a teenager named Mitchell decided to show up to school one day. He never liked going to school because nobody liked him, since he was from Germany and was related to Hitler. The kids also made fun of him by calling him names, and the most used was 'bitchell'. Now when the day had been about half way through, he thought he had been late to math class. So he decided to sprint to class, hoping the teacher wouldn't write him up. When he finally got to class, he realized it was the wrong period of the day, and no one was in the classroom except him and the teacher, Mrs Darasckev. "Oh my gosh, I went to the wrong class. Can you please write me a pass so I won't be counted tardy?" said Mitchell. Mrs Daraskev replied in a seductive way, "Well, I could write you a pass, as long as you do something for me." So the two proceeded to have very nasty sex right there on her desk. Afterwards, both of them were excited, and couldn't even fathom what had happened, considering it had been the best sex either of the two had ever had. Then Mitchell thanked her had went off to his classes. He never did get that hall pass.

And that is the story of how the term Darasckebitchell came about.
by Secsual Tiger96 April 05, 2011
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