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This canadians are the most powerful band on earth, the band consist on:

Mango Kid: Guitar, Vocals
Bass: John Calabresse
Drums: Dan Cornelius

They mix blues and rock mostly with a power never seen on another band.

note: being a powerful band doesn't mean that it's a hardcore band.
dude #1: hey, how was the Danko Jones concert?
dude #2: this guy really knows how to rock.
dude #1: deamn! I really want their live DVD ASAP, because they will never come to my town.

Hey Danko! I will burn in hell with you.
by Dr. Evening October 06, 2006
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A dude that eats prime pussy. Prime not as in the quality of the meal, but rather the quality of the eating. Or any guy with a big tongue, as well.

Origins lie in the disshelved-looking lead singer of the band Danko Jones, and his huge neanderthal tongue.
"Jess says he's a Danko, eh?"
"He pulled a Danko Jones on me the other night. I came 3 times!"
by El_Gordo August 25, 2004
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