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A loveable character with a tendency to live way beyond his financial income. Tries hard to make sure all his friends and family get the best from a situation even if it comes at his own expense. A character similar to a Daniel Wilkinson (or Wilko) may also be taken advantage of quite often due to his good nature.

A Daniel/Wilkinson (or Wilko) takes its name from a famous 1980's photographer born in 1968 and brought up by his brother and sister in Birmingham after both his parents were killed in a fatal accident at a chemical plant in 1972 where they worked together.

Daniels parents (John and Julie) were believed to be behind the largest ever production line of LSD in the UK, although both were bright A* science students in their college days it was their love of the hippy culture along with their scientific expertise which ultimately brought along their deaths whilst creating the mind altering substance.
Daniel Wilkinson or being called a 'wilko' is similar to being called a 'mug' (someone who is taken advantage of regulary) but is not regarded as stupid as a 'mug'
by David Blainer February 04, 2010
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