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A term used to explain lounging or just sitting back
Person 1- Hey what's up man, what you up to.

Person 2 - Nothing much, you know me, just danglin.
by DJ 17 September 08, 2006
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โ€œOh fuck yeah, swab my nussyโ€

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to be hanging out, or to be avoiding work or physical activity
My coworker is just danglin' around and is not helping me.
by Bubba B March 29, 2006
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to be execiviely lanky

to dangle
Danny is very lanky

No hes just Danglin'
by Danglin' Dan December 05, 2009
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your by yourself; on your own
Person 1- "Hey man, let's go get these girls numbers."

Person 2- "Na, you danglin'."
by SexyGrl2008 February 12, 2008
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how one have something.
"You guys have any drugs, contraband, outstanding tickets, warrants for your arrest, anything I should know about?" -Cop

"Yeah, I've got a warrant out for my arrest.... Danglin" -Andrew

"Who's putting on the critical mass ride?" -bike whore

"I don't know, but I have a critical mass.... Danglin" -me

"Do you have the new app that shows you the direction to Mecca?" -Muslim

"Yeah, I've got that app.... Danglin" -Iphone user

"Do you have a 8mm hex?" "Yeah, fuckin.... Danglin"
by Spill Communication June 23, 2010
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This slang word's intention is simply to serve any purpose of meaning of the speaker's choice, but it commonly replaces positive adjectives describing behaviour or attitude(see synonyms)
"You're looking pretty danglin today"
by ohaikthxbai April 07, 2010
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