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Masturbating while at great risk of being discovered. Usually this involves being in close quarters with family members, people of the opposite sex, or anyone who would generally be upset when finding out. It is often evidence of social prowess to have completed the act and is frequently boasted about with friends later. The more dangerous the situation, the more street cred you get.
Alex: Last night I dangerbated with my mom, dad, and nicole all in the car with me.

Matt: How'd you pull that one off?

Alex: They were watching veggietales and the volume was loud enough that it wasn't that big of a problem.

Matt: Dap!
by Hrethic September 17, 2009
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Shouting "MAW" then whipping it out. Toying with it until finale. Wet Mess.
Boredom strikes. Door left open. Maw downstairs. "MAW".... WHACK WHACK WHACK
by Rossko May 10, 2005
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