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Music based on the idea that some music could cause physical harm. Extremely unpleasant noises are the norm, with side effects of listening include: deafness, physical injury, possible death.
Most danger music live shows get cancelled before they begin, same reason as you won't organize a public massacre. Otherwise, attendees need to sign before entering so the musician can't be sued.
Listening guidelines:
Don't. Unless you regularly enjoy YouTube earrape and/or extratone, on a daily basis, of which you may have a chance of survival.
Guy: I found out this genre called Danger Music! Let's listen!
1 minute later, he was found dead in his room with severe bleeding from his ears, which were damaged. Several police personnel were deafened due to the danger music playing from the computer. Body sent for autopsy.
by A dying goat September 03, 2019
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