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Anticipation for rush of adrenaline and excitement from participating in risky behavior, not a literal boner.
Jenny love's skydiving for both the adrenaline rush and the huge danger boner before the jump.
by DaveCorpUSA July 14, 2014
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A byproduct of being in perilous circumstances and also being kinda turned on by said fact.
Dude, I just swam with a tiger shark and, damn, I got a huge danger boner.
by dangerbonerking August 28, 2010
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An unexpected boner that occurs in a risky situation. It can range from an unexpected boner on the bus, in class, at work, or while in the pool. It can even be caused by your friends spiking your drink with boner pills.

Particularly dangerous for teachers and feminists.
Matt : she is well fit.
Bryan: who? Miss Adams?
Miss Adams: Hey boys, how are you getting on?
Bryan and Matt: All good miss.
Matt:(whispers) Shit, the dragon just woke up.
*Lunch bell rings*
Bryan: dude we gotta leave.
Matt: I can't I've got a danger boner!

*Matt proceeds to crawl on the floor to hide his visible bulge, pretending to have sustained an Injury*
by I3R0K3N7FEET March 07, 2018
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