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An extremely flashy pansy ass dance that Captain Ginyu performs for Freeza when he finds all the Dragon balls.
Ginyu: Allow me to perform for you the dance of joy!
by thecefis August 19, 2010
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The dance made famous by the Perfect Strangers, in which you attempt to kill your partner by grabbing him/her at the waste, kicking at them (while they kick at you), throwing them many tenths of inches off of the ground, and finally jumping up into their lap (before they can do the same) in order to try and break their back. During this, you ritualistically chant, "Die die die!"
Larry: You know that I must kill you now!
Balki: Of course not, don't be ridiculous!
Larry: There is only one way to settle this...
Balki: Yes, we must dance the Dance of Joy!
Larry and Balki: Die die die die...
by AlexAlexAlexAlexAlex October 16, 2007
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