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a dance studio in Chatham, New Jersey, where you'll become an amazing dancer and probably physically, mentally and emotionally degraded in the process.

At Dance Innovations, you'll be told you are too big, too small, too emotional, not emotional enough, too good, too bad and just plain wrong. Alot. You will be used and abused for your talents and your flaws. You will have to deal with the politics. You will be insulted and cut down so many times that there gets to a point where you just want to quit...But you don't. Because its completely worth it. And no matter how much you bitch and complain, somewhere in your heart, you know this is where your meant to be..because what you gain at Dance Innovations is so much more than what you lose. You will have the greatest times, be prepared for the rest of your life, become the greatest dancer you can be, and make the best friends you will ever have.
Dance Innovations is filled with blood, sweat, tears, talent.
by TheBrightSideOfLife September 15, 2009
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