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The official podcast of generation Y. A podcast where two hosts discuss the "yes list" which consists of five topics which the hosts say yes or no to. The Dampercast also consists of reoccurring segments including "United States of Status" where they can show the ignorance of facebook users. Dampercast is a podcast by guys for guys where the most important facts of life are discussed and scrutinized. Subscribe via itunes.
My Damperclan loves listening to Dampercast at the University of Portland whilst sipping on miller high life and dampertinis.
by ParPutt June 15, 2009
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A podcast that captures the voice of generation Y. The three cornerstones of dampercast are facebook, ex-girlfriends and a third thing that Leland can never remember.
New Dampercast tonight! I hope Coop doesn't pussy out and not show up.
by JoanSoda June 13, 2009
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