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From gears of war, the kick-ass blonde gear from Delta Squad. Though Damon is a protagonist, he has the most abrasive and sarcastic personality of any gear. Despite this, he is a major smartass, and knows more than anyone on everything from mechanics to the locust, the enemy of the humans. Most often known as 'Baird'.

He's just about everyone's favourite character in the game, and he has many hilarious quotes throughout the series.
1. Marcus: You're Baird.

Damon Baird: Yeah, that's right, asshole. Question is, who are you?

2. Marcus: Baird, can you get a blast charge ready?

Damon: Course. Regular or extra strength?

3. Marcus: What's the status on that APC?

Damon: Status is that it sucks. The clutch plate is

cracked, I'm gonna have to take off the flywheel...

Marcus: Hey Baird...

Damon: ...And replace the drive shaft for sure...

Marcus: Enough! Just fix it!
by Who else? Me. July 28, 2011
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