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Dalana is a generous, beautiful lady that loves to be active. Dalana is a very nice and caring person. She's always a good babysitter and good with kids. With a Dalana, you can rely on her of being a good mom in the future. She always has great taste in boys and if u ever date a Dalana, shes a keeper
Dalana is the best girlfriend I ever had
by Tacogum May 31, 2018
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Dalana is a very skinny girl, yet eats like a beast. She is always in a relationship and she loves the cookies aka sex. She cant keep her hand out of that cookie jar ;)
I want Dalana
by kaynielle February 26, 2010
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Dalana is a wonderful beautiful girl. She is a really loud person but fun to be around she is a really good friend and a keeper if you get her as a girlfriend. She is good with kids and will be a great mom some day in the future. Dalana is not to confident in her body but has a beautiful body most girls would kill for. She is good at most sports but that don’t mean that she does them. She is a smart girl but acts dumb. She has many friends because she is a amazing person. Dalana is a very sweet girl who try’s to be friends with everyone and hates to see people sad, but can have attitude like no one else and bitchy when needed. She don’t let people talk down to her or her family, nor friends. Sad thing about dalana boys don’t see her for what she is so she don’t have many boyfriends but will one day find the right one. She is a caring person and overall a wonderful person is you have a dalana in your life don’t let her go.
Boy: who is that new girl. Girl ; That’s dalana I went to grade school with her she is a amazing person. Go talk to her.
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by Brodie chase June 28, 2019
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