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A person specifically that has no life, eats his/her own shit, speaks like there constantly choking on somthing(preferably a dick), and creeps around pretending to have friends and tries to get hugs and gets denied cause nobody likes him/her but in dah tards eyes is loved by everyone and everything. Also the tard has massive amounts of dandriff, smells like the shit him/her eats, cross-eyed,walks like a hunch back, and no one can understand why he/she was even alive in the first place and says "Yur gay" to every insult you throw at him/her.
Guy: hey look theres DAH FUCKING TARD!

Dah Tard: heh heh whats up guys? heh heh

Guy:*punches tard in face* FAGGOT!

Dah Tard: yur gay
by mclovin1337lolz June 13, 2009
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