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A word used to describe the unpleasant smell that often emanates from the unwashed scrotum of a morbidly obese male.

A well known smell for a select few of unlucky individuals, it is often considered one of the worst smells known to man. The name is an anglicisation of a Xhicha phrase, roughly translated as 'the Rancid Breath of Satan's worst paid Eunuch'.

Attempts were made in the early part of the Second World War to synthesise the chemical compounds that make up the smell.

Unfortunately, all the scientists working on the project were driven insane by the many awful smells produced in the process, and in their madness founded the 'Shit in a Can' company.
Unfortunately for Pete, one whiff of dafregcomfestil coming from his genitals caused Wendy to vomit most of her lower intestine out of her body, resulting in a slow and painful death for her, and not the blowjob for him he was expecting for his 50th birthday.
by Dawn Hobbs October 04, 2009
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