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the informal but non derogatory term for a first time fathers novice and inexperienced disposition of parenting, often resulting in embarrassing moments and public humiliation of said "noobness" that can either cause great laughter or deep sympathy for his fathering future.

other definitions include;

- if you haven't changed your kids diaper yet.

- you nodded reading above definition.

- tossed around the idea of writing a parenting manual before you procreated yourself.

- you define spending a night alone parenting your child as "babysitting."

- other variations include; dnoob
Example #1 ------

Guy: Well, honey! Do you want me to breastfeed the baby for awhile!
Honey: You may have moobs, but it doesn't work that way Daddy Noob.

Example #2 ------

Doctor: Nurse, my forceps.
Nurse: Sure thing!
Guy: Babe, this Doctor is jacked, he has forceps.
Girl: Tell me your joking dnoob.
by August 20, 2012
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