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Praised by those at his school, the origins of Daddy Davod are mysterious. It is said that he gave birth to the human race by impregnating an unknown woman.

He is extremely handsome, with a jawline as sharp as a machete. He often uses his jawline instead of a knife in food-tech lessons.

Many respect Daddy Davod. He has a few connections in Slough and a lot in Uxbridge. He is also a great prosecution lawyer and can make a kitten confess to 9-11.

His goal in life is to have as many kids as possible and look after them well. He is rarely seen and thought of as a myth. There have been sightings of him on the bus in many costumes: Tintin, Peter Parker, The Flash and also wearing a 'Daddy Davod' shirt. He also wrecks his brother at badminton.

If you see this perfect specimen of a man, get on your knees and praise him.

(P.S. His name isn't 'David' and is not white)
Child 1: Is that Daddy Davod, creator of mankind?
Child 2 : *gets on knees and praises Daddy*
Daddy Davod: *cuts apple slices with his jawline and flies off to produce more children*
by Daddy Davod March 04, 2017
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