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A DaddooX is a great, caring, and loving father. He's that dad that is always there for his child, no matter what, with a supportive smile and time to listen. The dad that encourages his child to be all she can be, but has the patience to go at her pace, and the love to remind her each day what a great job she's doing with everything. He's the dad that coaches the baseball team, is involved in the parent-teacher association at school, and volunteers in his spare time. He's the dad that people in the community respect and support. The dad that his child is proud to call "Dad".

He is also a very protective dad that will not give up on the love for his child. The use of "X" in the name is used to symbolize how some biased family court systems attempt to completely "delete" a good father out of a child's life, without any concern towards truth, civil rights, their bond of love, or the pain that the the child must endure from separation.

The use of the name "DaddooX" is a protest to the courts and a call for reform of fairness, advocating peacefully that children need fathers. Through the history of the United States many groups of people have had their basic human rights denied by ignorance and oppression. In today's era we have a new legalized loophole for segregation to confront. But its not the countless thousands of anguished fathers that must be listened to, its the softer, heartfelt voices of children across this country that we must now hear cry, "Where's my Dad?"
Despite all he's been through in the past few years, he never gives up on his daughter. She's like the sunshine to him. Every time she sees him, she runs smiling and jumps into his arms. No one has ever seen two better friends. Last week she asked him to help support her with baseball, and you know what he did? He became one of the coaches for the team. That DaddooX is a great role model for all fathers.
by -A Dad February 08, 2010
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