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When a man gets older and his balls hang low all the time not just after a huge nut.
I was doing naked squats and I noticed my DadBalls swinging in the wind.
by ElBigPoppa February 15, 2018
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The sport in which two grown men argue about their son being more talented than the other.

Originated on November 13th when two refrigerator magnets were formed to make the word "dadball". The creators then proceeded to rofl, literally.
The act of dadball:
Dad #1: "My son's in all honors classes!"
Dad #2: "My son's not a fat fuck!"
by Doctor Ass! November 16, 2010
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When you testicles start shrinking at the thought of having more children. Woman get "mom brain" which makes them stupid and Dad's get "Dad Balls" the older the kids get and the more kids they have.
My coworker said "I have mom brain" to which I said, "yeah, well I have Dad Balls."
-author (RBV )
by Vishnoogle May 19, 2017
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