A coping mechanism for 5th graders to avoid the realization that Existance is pain
Jake pauly fan: "Hey Da'quan, you hear what Michael said about you?"
Da'quan: "I don't care what Michael said. DAB ON THE HATERS"
by Cyprus EVo October 27, 2017
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Reject the hate and dab to show that you don't care! Dab on the hate and show the haters that you're better than them. Accept yourself for who you are.
Dab on the haters:

"Some bullies were being mean to me so I just dabbed on those haters and left"
by Cool Beans 345 August 14, 2017
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A term used by a retarded white boy named Jake Paul and his 12-year-old followers
me- bruh this kid hating on my LeBrons

Jake Paul- Dab on the haters
by Kinkyemokid August 14, 2017
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When you take back control and dab on those haters to show you don't care about the hate and accept yourself for who you are!
Dabbing on the haters:
There were some bullies being mean back there so I just dabbed on those haters and left
by Cool Beans 345 August 12, 2017
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Something the cancerous Jake Paul says in all of his vlogs. You say Dab on them haters and then dab. Even if they arent a hater and they are trying to talk some commonsense into you. Just dab and walk away. What happens if they dab back??? We'll never know.
Person: Get off my lawn or im calling the cops
Jake Pauler: Youre just a hater....dab on them haters *dabs*
by I got the words August 21, 2017
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A phrase used by the disease known as Jake Paul and his 8 year old army to defend against people with common sense.
An adult with common sense: turn down the noise.
8 year old robloxian: you're just a hater. *dabs*
thats what Dab on them haters means.
by TMUhater99 August 31, 2018
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A certain phrase created by the Overrated Youtuber/Viner Jake Paul, this line is also used by his flock of sheep called "Jake Paulers". It is used by them when someone just says something they don't like instead of respecting the truth or their opinion or the statment they said, they just dab on them. Moral lesson: Not everyone who is popular or powerful is a good example
Cop: You do know that you are a fan of a Youtuber/Viner who drove his neighbours nuts.
Jake Pauler: YoUrE jUsT a HaTeR! dAb On ThEm HaTeRs! *dabs*
by Haishadesu October 18, 2017
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