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When a television network adds a showing of a popular show to the nationwide television listings, most often flagging it as a "first-run" episode to get the highest possible DVR recording effect and then shows an episode of an entirely different series, with the hope that you will watch the entire episode and continue to watch (or record) the series from that single exposure to it. Many times the "bombed" show is in the same genre as the original listed show, but not always. This is done by listing the episode as one of a much more popular series and then running the episode of a series that has been lagging in ratings. They do this knowing darn well that hundreds of thousands of DVR's have "season passes" to the popular show and will auto record the "bombed" show via the listings and a certain percentage of people will watch the "bombed" show instead of just deleting it straight away.
For example, scheduling a first run episode of the wildly popular series "Ghost Hunters" and then showing an episode of the not often seen series "Haunted Collector". "Man, last night SyFy DVRbombed me with Haunted Collector disguised as Ghost Hunters."
by ViDeOmAnCiNi April 29, 2013
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