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-noun (vulgar)

Acronym for "Dried up stinky dick licker." Derived from the Adam Sandler skit "Toll Booth Willie" from the 1993 album "They're all gonna laugh at you!" The skit stars Sandler in the title role, speaking in an exaggerated New England accent. The humor of the skit lies in the unexpectedly vile scorn with which the drivers on Willie's toll road treat him, the funniest of these is played by David Spade, who derides Willie as "nothing but a dried up stinky dick licker."

The acronym DUSDL has found limited popular use in Bergen County New Jersey as a derogatory term for a any variation of dumb dick, asshole, or jerk-off.


c. 1993
1. Man: "I took a crap in a your toilet and now it smells like gross poop in there"

Woman: "Oh, you fucking DUSDL."

2. Man: "I heard the band Train is having a concert, and I'd like to go to it."

Woman (overhearing): "fucking DUSDL."
by Feelinggoodlewis December 18, 2010
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One who, when playing video games, knowing they will lose, quits before the game is finishd to avoid shit talking, using the excuse of being tired.
Joe: I am tired, I quit.
Others: But there is only 30 seconds left in the game!
Joe: I am really tired. I am going to sleep.
Others: Joe is a DUSDL.
by DirtyJ September 23, 2006
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