They're All Gonna Laugh at You! is an album by American comedian Adam Sandler, released in 1993. The title ostensibly comes from a repeated phrase in the 1976 horror movie Carrie, and from a repeated line in the "Oh Mom..." track that appears on the album.

That's the official definition, but you can also use it to confuse someone, or if you don't want to bother thinking about something else to say. It replaces wit, basically.
A friend says, "I'm going to take the bus today.", you may say, "They're all gonna laugh at you.".

Or you can use it randomly so it makes absolutely no sense. Friend says, "What do you want on your pizza?", you may say, "They're all gonna laugh at you". Of course, expect that to prompt the following question of ,"Huh? What do you mean?" of which you'd obviously reply, "You're a mean." or perhaps, "That's what she said." (these are examples only).
by TheRawk August 28, 2008
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