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n. slang. --abbreviation for the term 'douchy penisface'. Originating from the Western New York area, the Douchy Penisface is an insult to be flung at only the dirtiest, low-down people you would happen to know. By calling someone a DPF, you are insinuating that a penis is growing out of their face usu. the nose area.

Like giving someone the middle finger, the DPF also has a gesture. To do this, you put your finger to your nose, and wiggle it around. This is the most common form of the DPF.

In case you incapable of using the finger, you can put any other object up to your nose. In this case, however, it would not be a DPF, but a variation of it. To correctly name this variation, you would say DP and then insert the first letter of the object you are holding to your nose, and then add the F for 'face' at the end. For example: if you were to hold a violin to your nose, it would be a douchy penis violin face, or a DPVF, for cheese it would be douchy penis cheese face--DPCF, and so on and so forth.

While all of these variations of the DPF are strong and unique to each person that does it, the strongest thing you could do to express the DPF is to sit down and hold your knee to your nose. This is the original, most offensive DPF and is known as the greatest insult to mankind. To further this, one could do a 'double DPF', which is done by holding both knees up to the nose while sitting, and kicking the feet around.

In short, the DPF is a versatile and unique insult to whoever uses it and to whoever it is used against.
"Wow, that whore gave my brother genital herpes! What a DPF (douchy penisface)!"
by Anonymous Western New Yorker! December 03, 2005
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