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Young El savadore male that can drink more than his body weight( Examples of getting right Doug'd ): Getting tazzered by the police, pulling a knife on a bouncer, puking up florescent green stuff, falling out of chairs numereous times, scarying away girls, getting locked into a dog cage, trying to speak but only mumbling words, always prounoncing things wrong ( Teddy Ruxbin - Teazzy Rukpan ),
putting to much hot sauce on food causing smoke to come out ears, falling asleep on the lawn at 3 in the afternoon,
Male#1: Dude i drank a whole bottle of alchol... Male#2:Ya Man you got !@#$ing Doug'd last night!!!
by Rawshaw November 18, 2006
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To attempt to do something for yourself but in doing so completely mess it up.
Dude what happened to your Air conditioner?

I tried to fix it when I was drunk and completely Doug'd it up!
by the Douginator February 15, 2013
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