Box of various stuff, often gathered over time. Doom boxes originate from cleaning sprees under time pressure. Usually it is the intention of a doom box creator to postpone organizing the stuff in a doom box.

Many people interpret doom boxes by the well know and often used acronym "Didn't Organize, Only Moved".

sometimes also called "doom bags".
I should really take a week off to deal with all of those doom boxes that I've gathered over the years.
by vinny12345 April 17, 2022
A term used for junk filled boxes.



It’s a great way to describe the box you fill up in a fast unorganized cleanup, but then never get around to sorting or emptying.
Joe has piles of doom boxes leftover from his last move and he still hasn’t emptied them three years later.
by Greenleaf23 August 15, 2021
a portable sound system powered by a car battery using 2 large speakers. thus because it's so heavy and makes music doom box.
person 1: wtf where the hell is that music coming from
person 2: oh thats the doom box
by Timothy Stableford August 30, 2007
Box full of razors or other blades. Used by masochists to hold their cutting devices.
I'm gonna go take my razorblade out of my doom box to slit my wrists.

by AnonymousSage August 19, 2007