dick in ass gay. not to be confused with the less extreme social gay. when some act between two people (possibly two engaged in a bromance) is so gay that a possibility of dick in ass gayness is going on.
"man that bear guy with the face tattoos is so DNA gay" - Crystal Cox
"yeah i know, way past social gay" - Naughtia
by stumpfcker March 8, 2009
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People are gay because of their DNA.
Bible verses related to GAY DNA:

LEVITICUS 20:13 = treatment of gays
ROMANS 1:18-28 = reason for gayness
1st CORINTHIANS 6:9-11 = gays can be saved
by Ian Tolerant May 18, 2009
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A word worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian ur brother a mother, your sister a mister ur granny a tranny ur granpap a trap or even the legendary Ur ancestors incestors This word can crumple the fabric of the universe, and shatter the soul of any mortal it is used on into a million pieces, which will then be eaten by Bill Cosby in an ASMR fashion. Be careful while using this insult, because even the famous no u infinity can't defend against this almighty power.
Tiago: Ur mom gae

Liam: Ur dad lesbian
Tiago: Ur brother a mother
Liam: Ur sister a mister
Tiago: Ur granpap a trap
Liam: Ur granny a granny
Tiago: Ur ancestors incestors
Liam: Ur DNA very gay

Tiago: *all of his arteries explode leaving just a shell of his former body, taken by the government and hidden, so that the population would never see this . His soul is shattered into a million pieces, and sent to Bill Cosbys prison cell, to be crunched on until the end of time. His DNA unravels and his cells melt, until nothing is left*
by No No No u October 3, 2019
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ur DNA sequence gay allegiance
Absolutely destroys any form of the term "ur mom gay" even the term "ur family reunion homosexual communion". Whenever this phrase is spoken of God himself brings you to hell.
Me: ur family tree LGBT
Friend:*light headache*
Friend:ur family reunion homosexual communion
Me: *goes 20 feet in the air and falls down*
Me: You-you left me no choice bro
Friend: C'mon bro I was joking please don't do this
Me: Ur DNA Sequence gay allegiance
Friend: *fucking explodes and God himself starts crying as all of existence starts to cease*
by lil_memer_memz March 30, 2018
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your genes are full of memes

#yourmomgay #yourbrotherisanother #yourgrannyistranny #yourgrampswearsnopants
timmy: FUCK YOU
you: your DNA is hella gay so shut the fuck up you libtard
timmy: oh :( yeah but fuck you.
by autizmo gizmo November 12, 2018
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