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Defensive Most Valuable Player, generally referring to playing good defense in billiards
My friend Jared was the DMVP of our game of pool. He played great defense and made it difficult for me to make a good shot.
by Frat Train October 21, 2012
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DMVP stands for "Draft Most Valuable Player" when referencing a fantasy draft. It is usually used as a derogatory term as the DMVP is generally self appointed and often a douche.
Rob's girlfriend Sarah is tired of hearing Rob claim that he is the DMVP of his fantasy football league. Rob is always living in the past.
by Brian The Magnificent September 07, 2011
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The Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and most importantly Philadelphia area. Commonly misscomunicated as the just the DMV, Pennsylvania fits centrally in this area as well. Adding the P to the DMVP.
Any guy: "Damn girl you fine where you from?"

Fly girl: I'm from the DMV(P). Everyone knows Philly is the best really!

"Ugh I wish I wasn't from boring ass (D)MVP, well atleast I can travel to DMV(P) in just 15 minutes."

Delaware girl: "girl let's hit the club tonight"

Delaware girl 2: "rd sis we out leave by 11:45 to make it free at Onyx"

"Everyone knows the baddest biddies come from the DMVP!"
by D1UW84 March 26, 2017
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