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DKMWP- Don't Kill My Wet Pussy- A saying, or acronym you use to let someone know that you are in a great mood, and don't want anything to ruin it. A positive mental and physical state is being enjoyed, and you do not want it fucked with.

DKMWP (n. or v.trans.)

1. Anything that he/she does that ruins down your turned on state.
2. Something someone does to mess with your good mood, or be a buzzkill..
3. A general acronym, that you use to let people know you don't want any bad vibes.
"Stephen just emailed me some crazy shit, I don't care that he is an ass, DKMWP, and tell me how bad he is for me"

"My golf game is tits today, so DKMWP, with your negative vibes."

"Julie, I am taking care of the bills today, really rocking it, so DKMWP, with your drama."

"DKMWP and tell me I need to get out of bed, I am staying in for another hour and watching some hot threesome porn."
by Mittens Cole April 28, 2013
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