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Danish member of who was made famous by the following post:

When I was in the army, one of the farm boys told us the "secret" to having sex with a goose (or large duck). He said that you had to shove its head into a drawer of a dresser while you were doing the nasty.

One benefit was that the animal would be more docile with it's head shoved into a sock drawer, but apparently the real benefit was that he said when you were about to climax, you'd kick the drawer shut with your foot, because the goose would start to spasm uncontrollably when it died, and that was apparently awesome.

That bizarre story/advice was put in my head almost 20 years ago, and has lived in my brain every since - and now it's in YOUR brain.

Sure it's disturbing and gross, but this thread is so weird and freaky anyway, I don't think we can get much lower.
"My geese just went missing"
"DK-Prof probably took them to the furniture store to have his way with them"
by Billy Grimm January 03, 2008
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