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Essentially , a girl ( or guy , but it's a little bit rare because of the unfortunate lack of female DJs ) that becomes enamored with a Disk Jockey just..... because he's a disk jockey.

This is essentially a short of the "DJ whore" expression.
- "OMG I like your music, I like your mixing, please sign my boobs!"

- "Aww man, look at Sandy. There she is, flirting with the DJ, again. What a DJ-ho !"
by Dave the evilsmiley man July 29, 2004
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A person who rides the jock of a DJ simply because they are a DJ. Just being a DJ, and not even a good one, can garner you a DJ Ho. DJs will often use DJ hoes to carry their heavy record bags. Like a groupie for DJs.
This DJ sucks, I can't believe how many DJ Hoes are on his nuts...

These records weigh a grip, I wish I had a DJ Ho to carry them.
by plantlife November 20, 2006
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