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(n) A two day music festival in Tulsa, OK that features over 130 hot bands in July.

The one weekend in Tulsa where every hot bitch in the state is in a bikini top, drunk and partying.

The best motherfucking festival in Oklahoma!

The one thing in Tulsa, OK that totally does not suck!

A music festival where you can hear something other than Top 40 Bullshit and see kickass new bands you've never heard of.
Q: Dude where ya been all night?
A: I was fuckin some hot bitch I met at Dfest!

"I've been saving up all year for DFest, it's gonna rock."

"We gotta pick up a thirty for after dfest"

"Dfest is totally the only thing that doenst suck in this state during july."

"Dfest is fucking hot, did you just see dat bitches tit pop out when she took off her shirt to cool down?"
by muzacman1 February 08, 2010
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Dfest is a festival style music concert/event held annually in Tulsa, OK. The festival features several diverse styles of music from nationwide artists.

It's pretty rad. They should give me tickets for typing this.
Let's go buy our tickets for Dfest..It's the bees knees!
by The98Man February 04, 2010
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