Doctor Doctor Jerry; A mixed drink composed of Dr. Pepper, Dr. McGillicutty's Cherry Schnapps, and Sailor Jerry spiced rum. It is also proper to refer to the drink as an “Honorary Jerry” which alludes to the many honorary doctorate degrees bestowed upon Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins in his lifetime.
Matt (at lunch with business associates): Excuse me, waiter, I'll have a DDJ, please.

Sailor Jerry (in background): Always a good decision!
by Beans-n-Fixins August 04, 2007
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Ex. Hey bro, you know DDJ he fucked his girl with a screwdriver
by Bambieno September 13, 2019
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Didn't do jack shit/doesn't do jack shit. An engineering acronym.
Kirk: "Scotty, how far are we on replacing the dilithium crystals?"
Scotty: "DDJS. Ship's Engineering is on strike until you knock off the joyrides."
by So__Real October 07, 2020
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