3 definitions by So__Real

Vodka and Crystal Light. Born of the outdoors but classy enough for yer mom.
"Bartender, I'll have a Randy Cummings."
"Sure Mom, here you go."
by So__Real September 09, 2020
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Total bullshit.

Some etiquette courses for military officers have suggested using "That's amazing!" when one is tempted to say "Bullshit!"
Boss: "I am a millionaire. I have a mansion and a yacht."

Underling: "That's amazing, boss! I'd really like to hear more about both!"
by So__Real June 11, 2020
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Didn't do jack shit/doesn't do jack shit. An engineering acronym.
Kirk: "Scotty, how far are we on replacing the dilithium crystals?"
Scotty: "DDJS. Ship's Engineering is on strike until you knock off the joyrides."
by So__Real October 07, 2020
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