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Disappointing Downgraded Confused Situation Syndrome

1) pertains to a woman who has the profession of extracting horse sperm and goes home to have sex with her boyfriend or husband. it can only be self diagnosed and the only cure is to film her sexual act and posted on the internet.

2) pertains to a man who considers having sloppy seconds with an extremely hot woman after a man that has a bigger penis had her first.

3) when a couple is having sexual intercourse and one announces to the other right before your orgasm that they have an STD.
Jenna: Penny, I have a problem.
Penny: What is it?
Jenna: DDCSS.
Penny: What's the situation?
Jenna: I need my horse so bad, Johnny isn't cutting it.
Penny: It's okay Jenna, I'll go get my camera and we'll pay Mr. Ed a visit.

When I was screwing Jenna after Robbie did her and was about to come, she screamed that her horse Mr. Ed gave her herpes. I had DDCSS at the moment because I didn't know either to bust my load or go call my doctor immediately.
by Graven Sevagorn August 24, 2010
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