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Similar to the commonly used term "DBag" (short for "Douchebag"), DBox is the feminine form of DBag. These females are often seen wearing ridiculously high heels and short, shiny skirts. Often times, they are drunk or on some other club drugs and are quick to start verbal and physical altercations. They also generally have high "mousy" voices that stem from a repressed sexual encounter with a creepy uncle when they were younger.

These girls also enjoy dancing, Jager-bombs, DBags who drink Jagermeister and wear Tapout shirts, spray tanning, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom 2, Revlon makeup, fancy cars, shitty music, Brittany Spears.

If you encounter a DBox and you are not a DBag be sure and keep a 30 ft. proximity to ensure you don't choke on perfume or contract a yet-to-be named STD that is potentially airborne and lethal.
"The DBox that walked by me on the street at my favorite bar smelled like a 15-year-old hooker."

"Check out this DBox's skirt. You can practically see her uterus through it."
by captainbeardo July 11, 2012
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to place a file into dropbox
Hey bro. Can you d'box those pics of me from the bachelor party? They're embarrassing.
by The Mavical August 02, 2011
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buy the domain for your foodie site
someone that is worse then a d-bag.. so bad, that they have to be called a d-box.
Have you see Danny the d-bag?

Yeah, dude, hes not even worth being called a d-bag. hes a d-box!!
by Bone-Her7times January 07, 2009
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A gang that anyone can be in if he/she isn't hardcore enough to actually join a real gang. There is no initiation into it.
Person 1: What gang are you in?

Person 2: Im in MS-13.

Person 1: Damn thats hardcore, but not as hardcore as me and my d-box homies.
by Mike Nassiff July 21, 2007
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