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Death By Horse Cock

Made famous by Joe Rogan's website after allowing a home made video to be viewed on his website.

The video was that of a seattle man getting mounted by a horse while a friend video taped. The man was taken to the hospital for internal bleeding and died on site.
"How did that woman die? She looks awfully happy"
"It was DBHC. She died a fulfilled woman"
by BigMikey22 April 28, 2010
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An acronym for:

Douche Bag HairCut.

Used to describe a person when they get a new haircut that makes them look like a dumb ass, or douche bag. The haircut is usually congruent to their personality.
Friend 1: Hey, did you see Josh's new haircut?
Friend 2: Yeah. That DBHC really fits his personality.
by Aphelion Nox August 10, 2010
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