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im confused... just a random word to put when trying to break silence... something joe johnson says out of the blue.
other person... "im a lesbian..."
you... "dahh!"
by aaron zhao November 24, 2003
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the severity in which the dreaded bees attack in which the severity is measured by the amount of "h"'s in the dahh
Oh no! poke ball and im at 110% damage...what is it? what is it? DAHHHHHHH bees!
by Daniel Schiefer December 07, 2006
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It basically means JK.
Just kidding nasty
"Damn bro I fucked ur sister last night!! Dahh"
"Damn I was about to hit a kick nastyyyy on my grandpa Dahhh"
"Hey I heard u got some tricks with ur mouth Dahh"
"milf slayers unite!! Dahh"
by Skurrr214 September 13, 2016
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